Delicious Recipes for Sudan Dishes

In 2004, two kind-hearted volunteers, Katerina the Czech and Mark the Kiwi ventured into the wilds of Sudan on a quest of philanthropy.  What began as a mission to teach the English language to the people of Sudan turned into a perpetual feast of Sudanese recipes and cuisine.  From day 1, Katerina and Mark were overwhelmed by the hospitality and generosity of the gregarious ladies that they were teaching.   The students’ hunger for English and the two volunteers’ hunger to learn more about the Sudanese culture lead everyone to the kitchen where the serious learning begun. 

The relaxed atmosphere of the kitchen provided a casual environment for the ladies to chat and further their English writing recipes and sharing their local food to some appreciative appetites.  

Sudanese gastronomic treasures celebrate a delightful combination of influences from the Middle East and Africa.  So satisfied with these culinary delights, the volunteers decided to bring the informal Sudanese recipes to the world, so here they are. We hope you enjoy them

After leaving Khartoum, Mark paddled 3,000 miles down the River Nile through much of Sudan. Click here to find out about his Nile adventure and read extracts from his book based in The Sudan.



Gorraasa be Dama
Dama be Potaatas
Fettat Adis
Naeamia be Wayka
Naeamia be Dakwa
White Nile Fish
Kissra be Omregayga
Pasta Bake
Sudani Rice
Khoodra Mafrooka

Beetroot Salata
Jeerjeer Salata
Jibna Salata
Salata Aswad
Salata Aswad be Zabadi


Gorraasa be Semna
Madeeda Hilba

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