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The first ever people to paddle from the source of the Blue Nile to the Mediterranean Sea

Paddling the Nile

The first ever paddle down the Blue Nile from source to sea. 5,000km through wild rapids, war zones, crocodile and hippo infested waters, disease, terrorists, guns, arrests; the works...


Living the dream in China

Chinese Adventures

Newly married amongst the neon glow and dumpling vendors as we bumble our way trying to figure out the world's most populous nation at this exciting time in it's history...


Solo winter bicycle trek across Canada

The Great Canadian Bike Trek

23 years old and naive, I set off in the middle of Canada's barbaric winter perched on a woolskin seat-cover peddling solo from one side of Canada to the other...





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Wellington Photos

Wellington Photos II

Wellington Video

China Blog

Inappropriate Content Is Still Sneaking Through In China – Where You’d Least Expect It
Thawing China-Japan Relations Will Be Good For Rugby
The Sphinx: Didn’t the Egyptians think to Trademark it in China?
Elysium, China and the Electric Car Question
The Internet In China: Going The Full Circle
157 Cities in China with more people than Berlin, 110 with more than Sydney
So China
WTF Hangzhou?
El Nido, Palawan, The Philippine’s Absolute Stunner
Why I’d rather be born in the Year of the Snake than the Dragon in China
Burma: Nice Spot, But Overrun With Tourists Unless You’re Happy Sweating
Fake New Zealand In China?
China’s Police Force: The Most Approachable in the World?
Chinese in Greenland – Good News You May Not Have Expected?
The Polystyrene Bike Guys of Shanghai
The Blind leading the Blind in China
Biking in Shanghai
Lamb Love in Shanghai
Koh Rong Island, Cambodia: Paradise … for the Time Being
English Names for Chinese: “Hi I’m Rambo, nice to meet you”


Recipe Sudani

Gorraasa be Dama
Dama be Potaatas
Fettat Adis
Naeamia be Wayka
Naeamia be Dakwa
White Nile Fish
Kissra be Omregayga
Pasta Bake
Sudani Rice
Khoodra Mafrooka

Beetroot Salata
Jeerjeer Salata
Jibna Salata
Salata Aswad
Salata Aswad be Zabadi
Gorraasa be Semna
Madeeda Hilba

Pavlova Recipe

Family History

Pepper Murders

Beatbox Greatest Hits

Nile Song Lyrics

Rat Catchers

The Beginnings
Day 1: We smell a rat!
Help enlisted
Strength in numbers
Flat exodus




Paddling the River Nile

Crocodile School in Khartoum
Ethiopia's Unrunnable Rapids
History of adventures down Ethiopia's Blue Nile
Roseires Reservoir, Sudan
Toxic Leg in Sudanese Hospital

The River Nile Top-10

The River Nile Floods

Nile River Trivia Quiz

Chinese Adventures

The Great Canadian Bike Trek

The bike trek story

The Viking Treasure Hunt

Confessions of a Treasure Hunter
Tibet in Winter
Tibetan People
Tibetan Places
Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
Uppuveli Beach, Sri Lanka
Dutch Bay, Sri Lanka

Belarus - The Soviet Time Capsule
Bike tripping, mountain biking, beach and weddings
Beach, Olympic gatherings, tequila luges, morris minors and Milford
Moustaches, hiking, weddings, footy and Christmas

Green Ethiopia
The Onslaught of the Sudanese Summer 
About Omdurman
Khartoum: The fuul capital of Sudan  

A Gamble in Kuala Lumpur  
Temples, Tombs and Pyramids 
A Fond Eirewell
Frog legs and berets
The Musical of all Musicals
Ireland's scorching summer of '01
Weird and Wonderful Greenland
The Iceland Roadtrip<
Priceless Portugal
To the Country
Dublin, Fair City
Mark Tanner Memorial Fooz Champs

The Beloved Hometown
Big Red Buses and the Big Ben
New England and the Last of North America
The Big Apple
FBI-Looking Guys and Big Black Cars
The end of an era
The Fat Guy Dressed in Red is Coming
A Year Without Sheep
Basking in the Vancouver Sun 
Marathoning Mark 
The End of the Rain?
Marathon Training Begins
God Bless America
A Wintry Christmas Buildup
South of the Border
The Changing of Seasons 
Leaving City Limits  
A Kiwi in Vancouver 
The Eagle has landed

Choose a good English name

Why the right English name?
The worst-10 English names



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