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The first ever people to paddle from the source of the Blue Nile to the Mediterranean Sea

Paddling the Nile

The first ever paddle down the Blue Nile from source to sea. 5,000km through wild rapids, war zones, crocodile and hippo infested waters, disease, terrorists, guns, arrests; the works...


Living the dream in China

Chinese Adventures

Newly married amongst the neon glow and dumpling vendors as we bumble our way trying to figure out the world's most populous nation at this exciting time in it's history...


Solo winter bicycle trek across Canada

The Great Canadian Bike Trek

23 years old and naive, I set off in the middle of Canada's barbaric winter perched on a woolskin seat-cover peddling solo from one side of Canada to the other...






Flat exodus

Wednesday, July 15


Today a pulsating chunk was ripped from the heart of 8 Shannon st as seven became five. Yes thats right, Half eaten kiwi fruits and kitchentops saturated in rat urine have become too much for two house members, with both Andrew and Amy being driven from their humble abode. New raw footage demonstrates the anguish spreading through the rat hole and the despair that has decimated the stoical septet. But, as the figthing five mourn their fallen brethen, there is no time to loose!

With the rat remaining free to continue his reign of terror and, heaven forbid, spawn ratlets, no-one is safe. The household must absorb the verminous gut-punch rattie has delivered, rise from the canvas and come out swinging! New flatmates must be found immediatly to fill the void left in the spirit of Shannon st.

Many have answered the call! They, like you, have decided to take a stand and are eager to join us on the front line. Ready to sacifice themselves by going over the top into no rats land. But, how do we choose? With the steaks riding high it is essential that the special ones are found. The ones that carry the torch!

With candidates travelling all the way from Germany, England and Ireland the pickings are, make a brew, sit back and enjoy the latest Shannon st installment!

love to all humans, death to all rats!!


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