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The first ever people to paddle from the source of the Blue Nile to the Mediterranean Sea

Paddling the Nile

The first ever paddle down the Blue Nile from source to sea. 5,000km through wild rapids, war zones, crocodile and hippo infested waters, disease, terrorists, guns, arrests; the works...


Living the dream in China

Chinese Adventures

Newly married amongst the neon glow and dumpling vendors as we bumble our way trying to figure out the world's most populous nation at this exciting time in it's history...


Solo winter bicycle trek across Canada

The Great Canadian Bike Trek

23 years old and naive, I set off in the middle of Canada's barbaric winter perched on a woolskin seat-cover peddling solo from one side of Canada to the other...





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The River Nile Trivia Quiz

How much of an expert about River Nile facts are you? Are you a budding Nile adventurer, river explorer or ancient Egypt archaeologist? Test yourself with the questions below and find out...

Felucca sailing boats on the Nile near Aswan in southern Egypt

Firstly comrade, by what name do you go by?

Okay, here goes. Good luck!

1. By how much does Ethiopia's Blue Nile River increase in volume during the rainy season?

2 times
5 times
10 times
50 times

2. How many countries rely on the Nile river and it's tributaries for water and fish?
1 country
7 countries
11 countries
14 countries

3. What percentage of the Nile River water that reaches Egypt originates from Ethiopia's Blue Nile?

More than 80%

4. The Nile Crocodile is the only freshwater species that sees humans as prey. How long do these crocodiles grow?

3 metres / 10 feet
5 metres / 16 feet
6 metres / 20 feet
9 metres / 30 feet

5. In the 1970s the Nile Crocodile was close to extinction but there are now many lurking along the Nile. How many Nile Crocodiles are their estimated to be now?

As many as 500,000

6. The Nile River is also crawling with hippos, considered by many as the most dangerous animal in Africa having killed more people than lions. How big do these monsters get?

1 tonne / 1.1 tons
2 tonnes / 2.2 tons
3 tonnes / 3.3 tons
A whopping 5 tonnes / 5.5 tons

7. For how many years have farmers been living along the Nile River?

2,000 years
7,000 years
8,000 years.
12,000 years

8. What percentage of Egypt's population live along the Nile River's banks?


9. Some of the most famous landmarks along the Nile River are the majestic pyramids. Which Nile country has the most pyramids?


10. As of 2011, how many people have paddled or self-powered themselves down the full length of the River Nile from either of it's sources?

2 people
17 people
About 100 people
Over 1,000 people

Tell your friends and see how they go!

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Discovering the Nile

In 2005 my friend Les and I became the first people to paddle from the source of the Blue Nile to the sea. Click here for photos and my story about our adventure on the river Nile.

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