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The Pepper Murders Epilogue and Epitaph

By Bayly Tanner


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Brocher now lies in an unmarked grave, but the following epilogue could be his epitaph. . . . . . . .

When a highly respected elderly couple of a deeply religious temperament, are brutally murdered in their own home, it is not unreasonable to question the existence of 'God or Gods or Goddess or Goddesses'.

Deepak Chopra in How to Know God, (p 156) mentions, In the third century we are told that there was an epidemic of martyrdom in the Roman Empire. At that time Christianity was not recognised as an official religion but seen as a cult, which you could be prosecuted under the law." Deepak adds, it wasn't the worship of Jesus that offended the courts but the fact that Christianity was too new to be lawful.

Reading Deepak's book prompted me to think about my great great grandparents' love of their God and how He could have let such a ghastly thing happen to such devoted Christians. My mind had been working overtime but I had got to the stage where I was just drifting off to sleep when 'Norman' my Spirit Guide said, The Pepper murders, for whatever the reason, is an example of when something happens that the citizens of Globalvillageearth question the existence of 'God'. They do not understand that 'God' is not involved in murder, accident, war or whatever. They forget that 'God', being omnipresent, is always present everywhere and encourages each of you to work through what you need to experience and to create what you need to create. 'God' is unlimited and unconditional love existing in the detachment of infinity, observing but not interfering, and certainly not judging.

I then became fully awake and remembered that Brocher talked about my God. I remembered how my Mum had said leave room for truths other than your own but again hackles rose. I kept thinking, surely Brocher's God could not be the same God as the God that my great great grandparents worshipped? 'Norman' communicated again and said, If instead of being a Christian, Brocher had followed another path, he may have referred to his God as Goddess, Creator, Source of All Life, Great Spirit, Krishna, the Tao, Yahweh, or whatever. Would you have been happy then? Muslims say one of the 99 names of Allah that appear in the Koran while turning their prayer beads. Religions are different paths converging to the same point. Does it matter that citizens of Globalvillageearth take different paths to reach the same goal? Spiritual Truth is One. In my communications with you I use the generic label 'God' because of your background, but if you would prefer, in future I will use the label 'Brahman', 'Spirit', 'Gods', 'Goddess' or 'Goddesses' or whatever you like. Are you aware that Hindus have about 300,000 images of God? And are you aware that Buddhists do not use the 'God' label and that Buddhism is one of the 'major religions' of Globalvillageearth? Jainism does not accept God as a creator either.

This made sense and was certainly food for thought but still a lot to digest. I couldn't tell you how many times in the next few months I aligned myself with the disharmony and went over and over these messages. My focus then became directed as to why the trauma occurred. I kept asking myself if Brocher rated human life so low that he took two lives in the hope of being able to discharge his debts, and if not, what were his motives? I used to get myself into such a state that some nights the bedclothes would become saturated.

Sometimes I found that while trying to concentrate on other things the motive for the murders would dominate, until Gloria one of my friends suggested that possibly the reason for the Pepper Murders was karma. Karma was a new one on me but the way my friend described it cheered me up and I believed that my investigation was at an end. Then I started exploring karma. Concepts such as cause and effect and what goes around comes around were logical and every which way I looked I could see examples to verify that all caused effect is ultimately experienced by the Self. Experiencing all polarities such as being the donor on some occasions and being the receiver on others also had logic until I substituted murderer for donor and murdered for receiver. I then struggled with the concept that debts had to be settled like for like at some stage. If that was the case Emma and Joseph had already, or in some future lifetime, would murder Brocher to 'balance the books'. To me that was incomprehensible and sounded like the Old Testament teaching of 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth' which is diametrically opposed to doing one's best to mirror one's life on the great spiritual masters. The God that I worshipped was a God of Unconditional Love.

I continued exploring karma but became frustrated at reading conflicting descriptions. At one stage I decided that "karma", if it existed, was not understood by many citizens of Globalvillageearth. Aware that things aren't wrong just because they sound impossible, I continued searching for the truth by thinking outside of the square with an open mind and it dawned on me that Mum and Dad's golden rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" was a lesson about karma. One night I lay in bed trying to fit all the lessons and pieces of the karma jigsaw in place and tried to work out how many lifetimes Hitler would have to pass through to "settle his debts like with like" when 'Norman' came back to me and said, Neither the jury, Mrs Brocher nor any other human alive after Brocher was hung, knew the true background or motivation for the Pepper Murders. You need to know that karma is very real but have no need to know of the motivation for the Pepper Murders. Blaming others, whinging and fretting are signs of victim mentality. Victim mentality never changes anything. In partnership with your 'God' adopt a creative approach to life aware that as you evolve further you will give up the need for any attachment to anything.

Be that as it may, I continued thinking unkindly of Brocher. Eventually 'Norman' came back to me and said, Appreciate others, but avoid judging them unless you are prepared to be judged yourself and to have your skeletons taken out of the cupboard and put on public display. If you have time to judge people you have no time to love them. Leave throwing bouquets to brides. Should in the future you consider it necessary to judge others, before doing so, slowly say ten times, I must take care before speaking in judgement because words are mighty weapons that can cause a lot of trouble. Then say ten times, 'God' please help me keep my big mouth shut until I have something nice to say and remind me to praise anyone who has done their best. Amen.

A month or two later 'Norman' 'returned' and said, Too often citizens of Globalvillageearth think unkindly and wrongly of other people because of their religion, the way that they look, the way that they dress, their job or lack of, their colour, class or creed, some past experience, prejudice or ignorance. They have a mind set that anyone with a tattoo for example, is, using Globalvillageearth labels, a 'bad' person and all that they do must be 'evil'. They generalise and attribute motives to another often innocent person. All citizens of Globalvillageearth are made up of, what you label, some 'good' as well as some 'evil' and being human, it is their custom to focus on the other person's 'evil' and forget all about their 'other qualities'. Because 'God' does not judge, labels such as good, bad and evil are not part of 'Gods' thinking or vocabulary. Never overlook that being judgmental is creating negativity. Exchange judgement for acceptance and accept that there will always be 'greater' and 'lesser' persons than you".

Later while thinking about all of this, 'Norman' reminded me that Brocher may have been a double murderer and a bigamist, but he also had 'Christ-like qualities'. 'Norman' asked me, "Who else do you know who has so publicly announced, 'I forgive all my enemies. May God bless them abundantly.'? Citizens of Globalvillageearth may have their own views on murderers, bigamists and other people that upset them, but they should remember no one has the right or qualifications to judge others and what they see in others that they label good and evil are really a mirror image of themselves. Citizens of Globalvillageearth can evolve their souls and empower their lives by regularly checking out their own mirrors of self-reflection.

When I was taking on board and remembering to apply all of these lessons, 'Norman' said, "Remember that the past is history, the future is a mystery, there is only the Now and the Now is the present moment. All That Is occurs simultaneously. As you know, when you pass over to the world of Light there is no separation and you bathe in 'Gods' unlimited and unconditional love in your physical and non-physical lives. Should you want further confirmation of this, you only need to go to Emma and Joseph's headstone which in part reads, 'Lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not divided'. Have faith. Keep loving your great great grandparents but live in the timeless now. The time has come to let go of your issues with Brocher. They have been great learning facilitators and helped you to remember. Learning facilitators are messengers that remind you what you already know. With compassion and unlimited and unconditional love, replace hurt with happiness. With compassion and unlimited and unconditional love replace pain with peace. With compassion and unlimited and unconditional love replace frustration with forgiveness. Forgiveness is so powerful.

Later 'Norman' reminded me, Often citizens of Globalvillageearth cling to the 'past', wrestling with themselves how different things would have been if different thoughts, different words or different deeds had been used. They fail to understand that the calendar has advanced and that they can't relive anything in the physical and they can't change it. All the wishing in the world is wasted energy. Honour the past. The value of the 'past' is that you can align to it, remember and learn/remember from it and repeat or not repeat thoughts, words and deeds in the timeless now. Just like it is important to know when to shut up, it is important to know when to let go and to move on in your creative journey in the timeless now. Be guided by your intuition. Listen out for that voice inside because its source remembers everything and remember to keep your eyes on the mirrors of self-reflection aware that you are a holographic mirror image of All That Is.

'Norman' kindly ushered me through these many lessons that I had to learn/remember; relearn/remember; experience. Throughout the "school period" my Aunt Ismay kept saying that I was obsessed by the murders and she was right, which made me even more determined because, quoting her, If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing properly. Years before Mum had taught me, Quitters never win and winners never quit. At first I thought it strange how because I aligned with the disharmony, an event that had happened a century beforehand, would have such an impact on my "education". Then I remembered that 'Norman' had told me many times, Learn to assemble new realities. Everyone creates and recreates their own reality and for things to change, firstly they themselves must change. You may care to adopt the affirmation, 'In search of wisdom, true happiness and the meaning of life I am a pioneer and in the process of creation, experimenting with and experiencing life, I venture with confidence even into the unknown because it is my truth that things aren't wrong just because they sound impossible, can't be seen or proved by orthodox methods.'

Thank you 'Norman', Mum, Ismay and all the other learning facilitators that helped me remember and resolve the issues. We all have our own reality, our own truths, our own way of learning/remembering, our own way of dealing with and own way of creating things, experimenting with and experiencing things....

Forgiveness is the greatest act of love. It starts with yourselves. Too often we think of forgiveness as a gift to the other person, but clearly it is for ourselves! So the next time you decide you are having difficulty forgiving someone, ask yourself, "Am I prepared with unlimited and unconditional love to forgive, let go and unburden myself or carry a smelly, heavy, dead fish around as a constant reminder of an historic event that possibly I am the only person who even remembers?" One of these options is very self-fish, the other is forgiveness. Samuel Langhorne Clemens pseudo, Mark Twain (1835-1910) reminds us that "Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it."

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