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The connection with the General Grant Shipwreck

The Pepper Murders

The fascinating history of the gruesome double-murder of Emma Ormes & Joseph Jones in Petone and their connection to the treasure shipwreck of General Grant on the Auckland Islands...


Snippets of our Family History

Francis Macnab

From the Scottish highlands, the subject of a Raeburn painting that once fetched more than any male portrait, was known for many things in my family including at least 32 illegitimate children and correspondence with a Duchess...


All about the Northe/Northey family history

The Northes/Northeys

Many old photos of bearded men, letters, other documents and a well researched account of some of the ancient rellies and how we ended up in New Zealand...





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Family History

My father has been an avid genealogist for longer than I can remember.  He’s contacted many long-lost relatives, visited distant kin all over the world, scrimmaged through oodles of records and fortunately, documented most of it. 


Almost all family histories are fascinating when you delve deep enough.  Those who are lucky enough will have someone dedicated like my dad, who takes the time to create a record that can be enjoyed by future generations.


Although my heritage isn’t too exotic, Scottish-Irish-English like many New Zealanders, there are many tales of colourful relatives in colourful times.  Dad has put together a few highlights, which in addition to being an interesting read, may assist others like him, who are researching their own family history.   


The Ormes-Jones history - tales of the brutal 19th century double-murder in Petone, dirty old Hokitika in it's gold rush heyday and the connection to heroic survival in subantartic islands and the lost gold booty from the shipwrecked General Grant.


The Northe/Northey history - A brief history of the Northeys dating back to the 16th century all beginning with Hugh from Sligo and Mary from England followed by much child bearing and five merino sheep.


Francis Macnab, the ruthless, tartan stocking-wearing 12th and last Laird of Macnab sired dozens of illegitimate children, that through a tangle of family tree branches link us to royalty.




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