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Hope-Princeton Highway bike trek

Just one week into the bike trek crossing the mountains of British Columbia, February 2000.



8,390,200 metres
10 Provinces 95 days cycling
6 Time Zones 3 rolls of duct tape
88.1km a day Up To 73km/hour
-26° Celcius
Slowest Daily Average: 9.7km/hour
Countless rolls of cookie dough 68 educational cassettes Longest Day: 170.3km Average speed per day: 17km/hour 491 hours, 38 minutes of riding 





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The Great Canadian Bike Trek

My Solo Pedal from the Pacific to Atlantic.
Winter - Spring 2000.


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A balmy 40 Degrees below, frozen horizontal rain viciously whipping my frozen face, no visibility to see the convoy of semi trailers racing by, kicking up the frozen slush framing the side of the road. No shoulder to ride on, no shoulder to cry on.


My mouth is burning dry, I reach for my water bottle and press the mouthpiece against my blistering, dry lips, but alas, the fluid is frozen in its canister. The bitter cold has taken its toll, I cannot feel my fingers or toes, I'm tired and my bottom hurts, I have been riding up the steep mountain since sunrise.


What a way to see Canada!


Canada - a vast land of extremes. A nation blessed with natural beauty; great mountain ranges, rugged coast lines, breathtaking lakes, spectacular rivers and endless plains.


Peddling through the worlds second largest country allows you to appreciate every rise and dip, see every mountain creek, smell the fresh mountain air and truly experience the severe weather that the native people and the colonizers did many years ago.


Early February is the date of departure for the great journey, leaving the mild climate of Vancouver on the Pacific Ocean to venture east to reach the Maritimes on the Atlantic some time in spring. Apparently the prairies are lovely this time of the year.


An Educational Experience

The great bike trek can only make me much the wiser, help me find myself and the rest of that fluffy stuff. In addition to personal growth, I will be listening to audio tapes, not of the musical variety, but tapes on history, politics, psychology, geography and languages. By the time I reach Ontario, I hope to be able to hold a basic conversation in French and by the Atlantic, speaking Mandarin and Spanish will be second nature.


The Family Jewels

Studies have proven a correlation between spending too much time on a bike seat and impotency, Avoiding any unnecessary risks, I have made a deposit at the bank, where my boys will be frozen for 5 years. I will be investing in a special seat with a hole in it that apparently prevents the problem. I also will be riding with the comfort of a wooly sheepskin seat cover, which in addition to making the ride much more comfortable, will keep my boys excited. The Tanner name will live on!

Click here for the bike trek story

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